Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD 8.X, and 9.X

The FreeBSD Documentation Project

This is the FAQ for FreeBSD versions 8.X and 9.X. Every effort has been made to make this FAQ as informative as possible; if you have any suggestions as to how it may be improved, please feel free to mail them to the FreeBSD documentation project mailing list.

The latest version of this document is always available from the FreeBSD website. It may also be downloaded as one large HTML file with HTTP or as a variety of other formats from the FreeBSD FTP server.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Documentation and Support
3 Installation
4 Hardware Compatibility
4.1 General
4.2 Architectures and Processors
4.3 Hard Drives, Tape Drives, and CD and DVD Drives
4.4 Keyboards and Mice
4.5 Other Hardware
5 Troubleshooting
6 User Applications
7 Kernel Configuration
8 Disks, File Systems, and Boot Loaders
8.1 ZFS
9 System Administration
10 The X Window System and Virtual Consoles
11 Networking
12 Security
13 PPP
14 Serial Communications
15 Miscellaneous Questions
16 The FreeBSD Funnies
17 Advanced Topics
18 Acknowledgments
List of Tables
3-1. Maximum File Sizes
List of Examples
10-1. “InputDevice” Section for Wheeled Mouse in Xorg Configuration File
10-2. “.emacs” Example for Naive Page Scrolling with Wheeled Mouse (optional)